ThinkOrange Inc. is a Calgary based Design Studio, specializing in Web Design and Internet Applications. We can build pretty much anything from portfolio websites to complex Content Management Systems or Custom Data Solutions.

Web Design

We work with a variety of clients, from Interior Designers to Small Business Owners, building websites that look great, are easy to navigate, clearly present information, are optimized for search engines and mobile devices and are scalable for future needs and requirements.

We can pretty much do it all! From a small designers portfolio's to complex Content Management Systems or Social Media integration. Let's connect and see how we can work together!

Custom Data Solutions

ThinkOrange Inc. can help build custom web based solutions for you and/or your clients. We can gather and convert data from any source and turn this into a useful presentation.

We can work together with Oil and Gas Service Providers who are looking for Custom Data Solution to collect, manage and present data to their clients.

Real Estate

If you want to differentiate yourself as a Real Estate Agent (REALTOR) and want to focus on representing your clients and listings the best possible way, we have the solution for you. We developed an independent Real Estate Management System that works as the back-end for your custom designed Real Estate Website.

We don't do templates! We build around your personal marketing strategy and include anything you want like Social Media integration, blogs, high quality listing presentation etc.

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